Purchase conditions

UA Juguetes  in the name of its owner Lyubomyr Havrylyshyn guarantees high-quality environmentally friendly products that correspond to their descriptions with manual support, previously obtained the support of licenses and permits

The buyer is obliged to pay the full cost of the selected products  plus VAT and  shipping  in advance. We transmit the purchased item to the shipping company within 24 hours from the time of payment received

We do not take  any responsibility for incorrect or inaccurate following of the instructions in the case of incorrect work of our products, although we can ensure any type of technical support and explanation (by email, telephone call or an online conference) if necessary.

We have no responsibility for incorrect or inaccurate handling of our products, which can lead to injury or death.


Return and refund conditions

UA Juguetes  on behalf of the owner of Lyubomyr Havrylyshyn guarantees a full refund in the case of the return of the purchased product if the product is in good condition, in its original packaging, well packaged. We do not cover any delivery charges in that case.

We can cover 5.95 euros for the damaged product in case it was damaged in the shipping process  by  the shipping company. In that case, the customer is obliged to provide us with photos of the damaged product. The repayment time depends on the bank's work.

In case of the exchange of the purchased product, the customer pays the price difference if the selected item is more expensive, for our part, we are obliged to reimburse the difference if the product is cheaper. We do not cover any additional shipping charges for the product exchange in that case. The time of reimbursement to the client depends on the work of the bank.


Payment security

All payments on our websites are made through the services of PayPal, Redsys BBVA redirecting from their own platforms, who assume full responsibility for the security of payments.