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Special 3-in-1 set from Ugears: Hogwarts™ Express + Knight Bus™ + Flying Ford Anglia™


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Level: Advanced
Assembly Time: 20 hours



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Special 3-in-1 set from Ugears: Hogwarts™ Express + Knight Bus™ + Flying Ford Anglia™

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Welcome to the Wizarding World! Meet three wonderful mechanical DIY models based on a magical saga, created by J. K. Rowling.

The Hogwarts™ Express has a spring-powered locomotive, a coal tender, and a passenger carriage. The tender has an empty coal compartment in which you can store the train's wind-up key or other small objects. The passenger carriage has three compartments, three doors that open, and a removable roof, allowing you to place the figurines of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley on special mounts that move side-to-side when the train is in motion. The Ugears Hogwarts™ Express can travel 4 meters (with tender and carriage) or 6 meters (locomotive only) on any smooth, flat surface.

The model consists of 504 parts, is rated "Advanced" difficulty level with an estimated assembly time of 7 hours. Model size: 36*4.9*39 in (90.5*12.5*10 cm).

Hogwarts™ Express by Ugears. Assemble me. Depart to Hogwarts™ with me!

The Knight Bus™ can roar through the streets of Muggle London (or your living room) thanks to its powerful spring-powered motor, which is wound using a secret key stored on top of the bus. The standout feature of the DIY wooden model Knight Bus™ is its ability to transform by narrowing or expanding its width with a twist of the magical manipulator. Twist the knob on top of the bus counterclockwise and the bus becomes narrow, for squeezing between traffic. Twist the knob clockwise to expand the bus (and any passengers) to their true size. But here's the amazing thing—as the width of the bus changes, so does the speed! In its normal (not compressed) state, the bus travels astonishingly fast. Compress the bus and an internal mechanism makes the bus travel in slow motion.

The DIY model bus is rated "Medium" difficulty, has 268 pieces and an estimated assembly time of 6 hours. Model size: 7.7*2.6*5.9 in (19.6*6.5*15 cm).

Knight Bus™ by Ugears. Assemble me. Punch your ticket for an exciting adventure!

The Flying Ford Anglia™ has a spring drive that transmits torque to the rear wheels, providing drive power. The car can travel 3-4 meters on a single wind-up of the ratchet mechanism located on the undercarriage. The front wheels rotate 25 degrees in either direction and can be turned using the steering wheel or by pressing the wheels themselves, allowing the car to travel in a straight line or turn circles. But here's where the real magic comes in: thanks to a special mechanism attached to the spring-loaded shaft running through the cabin, the Anglia has a secret "ejection" function. When the front license plate is pressed, the trunk and side doors pop open while the tilting front seats and a lever in the trunk dramatically throw all passengers and contents from the vehicle.

The model has 246 parts, is rated "Medium" difficulty level, and has an estimated assembly time of 6 hours. Model size: 8.9*3.3*3.1 in (22.5*8.5*8 cm).

Flying Ford Anglia™ by Ugears Assemble me. Buckle up for a magical flight!

Meet UGEARS – wood in motion!

Discover UGEARS with UA Juguetes!

UA Juguetes – The ART of mechanical puzzles!

WIZARDING WORLD characters, names and related indicia are © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. WB SHIELD: © & ™ WBEI. Publishing Rights © JKR. (s22)

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Data sheet

Ukrainian Gears LLC
Design Country
Country of manufacture
Product barcode
Materials used
plywood, recoil starter spring
Assembly Time
20 hours
Model Size
91*13*10 cm
Package Size
38*17*5 cm
Package weight
2 kg
Instruction languages
Attention! Not for children under 14. Contains sharp parts!
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