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Starbreeze Explorer – Mechanical Metal Model Kit | Time for Machine


Reference: T4M38024
Number of components: 155
Level: Advanced
Assembly Time: 6 hours
Model Size: 25*12*21 cm



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Starbreeze Explorer - this model is our pride and joy.

Inspired by the Space Shuttle era. Space Shuttle is a space program in which shuttles have made more than a hundred trips into space and made many breakthroughs in the exploration of space.

Time for Machine loves watching the stars Starbreeze Explorer 3D mechanical metal model for self-assembly is our pride and joy.

While David Bowie is singing about life on Mars and Elon Musk is getting ready to divide and conquer space, we are just admiring this model

The model consists of several parts. The spacecraft has swinging flaps in the cargo bay and it docks to the accelerator unit. The accelerator unit has a winding mechanism and is wound up with a special key. Once the model is mounted on the stand, you can press the trigger lever and observe the slow spinning of the spacecraft. The shuttle makes several spins around its axis.

Working on this construction set, we went up against gravity. If you already feel the sweet taste of freedom, get ready to conquer the stratosphere with our Starbreeze Explorer!

The base of the stand is engraved in the form of space center tracks and the edge of the stand is made in the form of Cape Canaveral shoreline. On the stand there is a place for storing the key, on which you can also install the spacecraft in an upright position. In this model, the spring is supplied in a preassembled closed drum for ease of assembly.

The space theme is perfectly matched with the shine of metal. This is a unique mechanical model from Time for Machine, which has no analogues in its design.

The Starbreeze Explorer puzzle will entertain you as well as will become the great unique decoration of any space.

For us, this construction set is a sweet echo of our childish dreams, full of restless adventures, cosmic fantasies, and starry romance.

Starbreeze Explorer has a sliding door in the cargo compartment. The shuttle can be separated from the accelerator unit and the whole ship can be removed from the stand.

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Data sheet

Time for Machine
Design Country
Country of manufacture
Product barcode
Materials used
stainless steel
Number of parts
Model Size
25*12*21 cm
Package Size
37*17*3 cm
Package weight
0,8 kg
Instruction languages
Detailed instructions (12 languages)
Attention! Not for children under 14. Contains sharp parts!
3 plates with parts, 11 additional gears, spring, pliers, file, cloth for polishing, cotton gloves, instruction
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