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Royal Voyager – Mechanical Metal Model Kit | Time for Machine


Reference: T4M38016
Number of components: 127
Level: Intermediate
Assembly Time: 4 hours
Model Size: 18*7*5 cm



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Royal Voyager - An American dream car

Royal Voyager is our love letter to the glorious 70s. How many times we dreamed of changing the time-space continuum and traveling back to those days… Those were the days of careless rock gigs, eternal flower romance, and, mostly, the days of gorgeous cars! Smooth and glossy, they were perfect in every line, in every move, and every little thing about them was full of magic.

Sometimes we miss the harsh romance of the highways so much! Wind in our hair, dazzling speed, and nostalgia for the rock era. That's why we created Royal Voyager, a real rock star in the car world. Divine geometric shapes, elegance, and the aura of crazy ’70s: you’d like to fall in love with this car. Imagine you are driving the night highway, feeling every move and curve, enjoying every second at the wheel. Royal Voyager is for those who are really wild at heart, for those who are not afraid to touch the untouchable legend.

Royal Voyager – The most beautiful construction set in the world

Nowadays, everything has changed: the cars look different, the shapes are more ergonomic and the colors are less experimental. They are fast and cool, but Time for Machine really misses the aesthetic of the 70s. We can’t rewrite history but we can sing our own ode to the beauty, a song of metal and mechanics. Every line of Royal Voyager is filled with love and sweet nostalgia. If you also want to travel back in time and plunge into the golden era, go for a ride with this model and meet us at a good old rock party!

The door and trunk of the car can be opened so you can look inside and examine it from all sides. And, of course, it will ride like the wind!

Royal Voyager - perfect for automotive fans and those who appreciate elegant design

An American dream car. A shining metal sedan of the era of big engines and rock stars of the 70s. The model has opening trunk and doors. You can raise the hood and learn more about the structure of the engine. The car looks elegant on an office desk. If you wind up the handle in the engine block and turn on the start lever, it will drive.

Assembly Instructions PDF

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Step-by-step assembly video instructions

Meet Time for Machine – metal in motion!

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Data sheet

Time for Machine
Design Country
Country of manufacture
Product barcode
Materials used
stainless steel
Number of parts
Model Size
18*7*5 cm
Package Size
33*14*3 cm
Package weight
0,4 kg
Instruction languages
Detailed instructions (12 languages)
Attention! Not for children under 14. Contains sharp parts!
5 plates with parts, 3 additional gears, spring, pliers, file, cloth for polishing, cotton gloves, instruction
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