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Perfecto Card Case – Mechanical Metal Model Kit | Time for Machine


Reference: T4M38020
Number of components: 10
Level: Easy
Assembly Time: 1 hour
Model Size: 12*7*5 cm



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It's an elegant business card box.

Today is the day when chaos and poor organization lose the battle! That’s what our designers think when they see dozens of business cards lying around anywhere but in their sacred place – in the card case. The sneaky demons of disorder tried to seduce them, but they remained relentless and created Perfecto Card Case. With this model, all the cards lay together in sweet harmony, and the boring formality turns into a refined taste. Once upon a time, Time for Machine was challenged to put a soul into the most boring thing in the world.

Perfecto Card Case – Mechanical Metal Model Kit

Our team accepted the challenge - and managed to do it, giving life to our Perfecto Card Case! Even such a small detail may totally change the office atmosphere from extremely uninspiring to stylish and creative. With this beautiful silvery warrior, we’ve already tamed all the office ghosts, and now invite you to do the same!

It's an elegant business card box.

Refined taste is hidden in the tiniest details: silent, yet powerful, they become real kingmakers of our lives. Imagine that every banal formality can be turned into an ode to elegance. This is why our Perfecto Card Case was created. Its strict beauty will spice up your interior with some aristocratic charm. This model will rule everywhere: in a fashionable hotel, a minimalist office, or just an ordinary apartment. Take it and never reveal all your cards!

This model holder can be opened by lifting the metal lever. Every business card of 5×9 cm will look stunning inside it!

Assembly Instructions PDF

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Meet Time for Machine – metal in motion!

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Data sheet

Time for Machine
Design Country
Country of manufacture
Product barcode
Materials used
stainless steel
Number of parts
Model Size
12*7*5 cm
Package Size
17*21*1 cm
Package weight
0,2 kg
Instruction languages
Detailed instructions (12 languages)
Attention! Not for children under 14. Contains sharp parts!
2 plate with parts, 6 additional gears and instructions
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