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Mysterious Timer – Mechanical Metal Model Kit


Reference: T4M380132
Number of components: 62
Level: Intermediate
Assembly Time: 3 hours
Model Size: 12*9*7 cm



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Mysterious Timer is a true legend

Also, it was the first model our founder Denys Okhrimenko created. It has quite a surrealistic history. One night, Denys had a strange dream of an iron baguette. That was a sign: the time had come to create metal construction sets!

So Denys started building a timer. Like a tireless experimenter, he was buying old alarm clocks and getting the springs out of them to understand how to use them in mechanisms. He changed the pendulum construction 7 times without giving up his goal!

Mysterious Timer – Mechanical Metal Model Kit

The model was not yet working properly but still attracted the interest of the investors. Lots of persistence and a promise that everything will work helped to attract the first investments. As a result, the model remains complex.

But every timer is a delicate and sophisticated mechanism that requires high-end work. Our Mysterious Timer is a living creature with a perfect body and a beautiful soul. Listen to its breath, solve its enigma — and it will touch your heart!

El kit: 4 plates with parts, 8 additional gears, spring, pliers, file, cloth for polishing, cotton gloves and instruction.

Sometimes we all want to become clockmakers — masters of time. Their witchcraft, ancient and intoxicating, has always attracted inventors. It is the clockwork that helps us to comprehend something incomprehensible: the very nature of time. Therefore, time, fluid and fragile, no longer slips through our fingers but obediently lines up in hours, minutes and seconds — and now we can feel some power over the universe. Have you ever dreamt to solve the eternal mystery of time? Just plunge into its magic with our Mysterious Timer!

This model is not only a fantastic decoration but also a functional alarm clock. Mysterious Timer is easy to assemble and can work for 60 minutes.

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Step-by-step assembly video instructions

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Time for Machine
Design Country
Country of manufacture
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Materials used
stainless steel
Number of parts
Model Size
12*9*7 cm
Package Size
33*14*3 cm
Package weight
0,4 kg
Instruction languages
Detailed instructions (12 languages)
Attention! Not for children under 14. Contains sharp parts!
4 plates with parts, 8 additional gears, spring, pliers, file, cloth for polishing, cotton gloves, instruction
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