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Reference: T4M38019
Number of components: 80
Level: Easy
Assembly Time: 2 hours
Model Size: 12*6*5 cm



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Like its real prototype, our Hot Tractor has a swivel rear axle.

What is the true strength? Is it about physical force, mental capacity, or free will? The industrial revolution showed us that the future belongs to machines and the people who create them. Machines can also be smart and resourceful. And that’s the new strong. Time for Machine team has its own version of strength – our Hot Tractor. This model is a manifestation of strength and moreover, it’s just badass.

Hot Tractor - the most beautiful construction set in the world

It has a real prototype, a heavy K-700 tractor (Kirovets) that was created in the USSR during the Cold War days. It was tireless and universally used: in agriculture, engineering, construction, and transport. When we look at this model, we see laconicism, reliability, power, and confidence. From its swivel rear axle to the cabin, it’s a hard nut to crack. This model is capable of everything: from building a city to conquering the world. Just don’t be afraid and give it a try!

Hot Tractor – Mechanical Metal Model Kit by Time for Machine

Every detail of this construction set is full of laconism and rhythm. It was inspired by K-700, a brutal tractor created in the days of the Cold War. This buddy was a real universal soldier: it was used in agriculture, transport, engineering, and construction. No countryside romance: just reliability, convenience, and simplicity. Hot Tractor is designed not only for experts interested in heavy machinery: even enthusiastic beginners can assemble it. Will you dare to take a risk?

Like its real prototype, our Hot Tractor has a swivel rear axle. The movement mechanism rotates from the momentum of the wheels. Also, you can open the cabin doors and the hood to examine the model from all sides.

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Time for Machine
Design Country
Country of manufacture
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Materials used
stainless steel
Number of parts
Model Size
12*6*5 cm
Package Size
17*21*1 cm
Package weight
0,4 kg
Instruction languages
Detailed instructions (12 languages)
Attention! Not for children under 14. Contains sharp parts!
3 plate with parts, 4 additional gears and instructions
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